FileChecker Network Version

FileChecker Network Version 1.7.2 includes the following changes over the regular version:

-A few minor bug fixes.
-Pop-up alerts now only specify that a "Possible intrusion has occurred" and only one pop-up alert is displayed per file, no matter how many different properties of that file change. All details are still logged and, optionally, sent to an administrator e-mail account.
-This Network Version is meant for installation on networked PCs where the end users of those PCs do not need all the information about a potential intrusion attempt. Administrators can configure e-mail reports as well as logging to the NT event log, and a log file. Administrators can also password protect the FileChecker interface, to prevent tampering.
-Misc. tweaks and changes to improve performance
-SMTP alerts are now more efficient
-E-mail alerts can now send the file that caused the alert as an attachment
-E-mail alerts can now include the local computer's IP address and host name
-Various other network-related tweaks

Download FileChecker Network Version 1.7.2
Date of Release: April 22, 2003

(If you are installing FileChecker Network Version on multiple PCs, please download the installer once and distribute it via your network, to help conserve bandwidth.)

FileChecker Network Version is freeware. If you would like to help support development, and make a donation, a donation link is available on the main FileChecker webpage.

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