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Our goal is to create innovative low-cost and no-cost security and privacy software. Our freeware programs are functional software that can be downloaded, used, and updated manually for free.

Some of our software programs offer additional features which you can unlock using a license key. Unlockable features are convenience items (such as SpywareBlaster® AutoUpdate) or enhancements (such as EULAlyzer® Pro) which aren't necessary to the basic functioning of the program but which have been requested by users. License keys are valid on one computer for one year from date of purchase.


How do I get a license key?

License keys can be purchased from links on our website or from a link within one of our programs. Please see:
Purchasing SpywareBlaster® AutoUpdate

Purchasing EULAlyzer® Pro

How do I enter my license key?

We recommend using copy and paste to enter your license information.

Can I use my license key on more than one computer?

No. Users who wish to use an unlockable program feature on multiple computers must purchase multiple license keys (one per computer).

What happens when my license key expires?

License keys do not automatically renew. When your license key expires, the program will notify you. The unlockable program feature (e.g. SpywareBlaster AutoUpdate) will not be useable until a new license key is entered. The base program (e.g. SpywareBlaster) will continue to function normally.

How do I contact support?

We provide a support ticket
system for users who have problems with their license keys.


Purchasing FAQs

Troubleshooting License Keys

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