Quick Quotes
"Thank you and please keep up the great work. My computer is my lifeline and I appreciate all that you do."
Sam A.
Our Company BrightFort (formerly: Javacool Software) is a privately-owned, US-based software company. Since 2002 we've been dedicated to providing innovative and useful security and privacy solutions.

We provide feature-packed yet lean programs. Our team works closely together to design and build the fast, and compatible programs that effectively solve critical problems and help improve your computing experience.

Our Mission We're all about helping you protect your privacy and security, because we value ours so much.
We believe strongly that people should have access to innovative security and privacy solutions.
Through our offering of freeware products, we try to realize that belief.

We hope you enjoy our software - we certainly had fun making it!

Humble Software℠ Too many programs are built like they are the only piece of software running on your machine. Whether they slow down the rest of your computer, interfere with other software you have or may want, or just use up too much memory, it seems like certain software is always a battle of compromises.

We know our software isn't the only software on your machine, and we design and build it accordingly. No matter what other programs you have installed, we strive to be a good neighbor. Not just by producing fast software, but by ensuring it is designed and tested to be compatible with nearly any combination of other software you may have installed.

The only "choice" you should have to make when installing software is whether or not you want it - not whether or not it'll work with the software you already like and have.