A new version of SpywareBlaster is available - 6.0 Upgrade your version of SpywareBlaster now to ensure continued updates, the latest and best protection, and other improvements.

The latest SpywareBlaster version is: 6.0.

It adds great new features like:
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium) support
  • Brave support
  • Vivaldi support
  • Enhanced Google Chrome support
  • Improved Mozilla Firefox support
  • Enhanced Windows 10 support
  • Enhanced support for high-DPI displays
  • and much, much more!

Please visit the SpywareBlaster download webpage to obtain the latest version:


Upgrade Instructions Simply download the new installer and run it - it should upgrade you to the latest version of SpywareBlaster.

Although you don't have to, you can also do a clean install with the instructions below:

  1. Open SpywareBlaster and press the "Disable All Protection" link under "Quick Tasks".
  2. Close SpywareBlaster.
  3. Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the entry named "SpywareBlaster 5.6"
  4. Download the latest SpywareBlaster installer from the link above and run it.
  5. Enjoy the new version of SpywareBlaster!