Legacy Tool: This tool was built for older versions of Windows Media Player. The newest version of WMP offers a built-in option.

WMP Scripting Fix
Disable script-based attacks on Windows Media Player.
(For WMP 7, 8, and 9)
Version: 1.1
Free for personal & business use.
System Requirements
Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, Windows Media Player 7/8/9.
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Quick Tool Details WMP Scripting Fix v1.1 available: Download NOW to quickly disable Windows Media Player Scripting functions! (A security risk.)

About This Utility
Windows Media Player, by default, supports a dangerous feature that allows scripting to be embedded within media files. WMP will then execute the scripting when the media file is played.

The WMP Scripting Fix is a small application that disables Windows Media Player scripting simply, and easily, with the press of a button - scripting can also be re-enabled at a later date with this same program.

Why is scripting in WMP dangerous?
Windows Media Player scripting functions can be used to execute programs, open web pages, and much more when you open any media file that has them embedded.

> Download WMP Scripting Fix v1.1 Now to disable script-based attacks on Windows Media Player