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"We were having considerable difficulty with spyware on our client machines. As a result, we had a host of privacy concerns and a general degradation of performance and functionality.

"SpywareBlaster Network Version has worked like a charm. It was easy to install, it is easy to manage, and is very effective in keeping the junk and threats off of our network. It is a great tool for any network administrator and is very resource efficient.

"We are trying to run a business, and now we don't have to deal with the annoying and troubling issue of spyware."

Office Manager Yukevich, Marchetti, Liekar & Zangrilli, P.C.
SpywareBlaster NV Pricing The price of an annual SpywareBlaster NV Subscription is dependent upon the number of client seats (PCs) in your network. Our low prices make any price band a great deal - and users with larger networks will find even greater savings.

  # Seats (low end) # Seats (high end) Annual SB NV Subscription (USD)
15 29 $300
30 49 $500
50 99 $750
100 249 $900
250 499 $1,250
500 999 $1,500
  1000+ Request a large network quote

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If you require special purchasing considerations (eg. a purchase order), please contact us.

Large Networks We offer even greater bulk discounts for networks over 1,000 seats.

For pricing for networks with greater than 1,000 seats, or for custom ordering requests (or questions), please contact us for a quote.

Delivery Terms Product terms are delivery upon receipt of payment in full. The software package and your license are delivered electronically.

The easiest way to order is by selecting the range of client seats on your network, and clicking the "Secure Online Purchase" button on this page. Secure Online Purchase provides a number of different payment options: credit or debit card (preferred), or check or money order.

If your corporate procedures require a purchase order/invoice, please contact us.

After completion of your purchase, you will be e-mailed both a receipt and a confirmation of your purchase. Your license keys, download link and instructions will be e-mailed to you within two businesses days after your purchase has been completed.